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Turn your field sales team into online client magnets...

If you employ staff to generate new business and want an easy way to help them to do this, social media is the answer.

But a lot of businesses are (understandably) nervous about allowing their staff free rein on social media. What if they do or say something that damages their reputation?

How will they monitor what they are doing and saying?

Won’t it mean that the are building the relationships outside of the company CRM system and they may take them with them if they ever leave?

These are legitimate concerns but shouldn’t let it stop you from harnessing an army of business representatives on LinkedIn who help to build your brand, your reputation and make it easy for new clients to want to sign up!

Social Media for Corporate Businesses

The Challenge

How can your field sales team act independently, using social media confidently to generate new sales enquiries while still staying on brand, on message and not doi anything that could damage your reputation!?!?

It’s a risk…

There are millions of people on social media, so you HAVE to stand out. If you aren’t generating a stead stream of new clients from LinkedIn, you are missing out on revenue.

But how?

Corporate posts, sharing company brochures or sharing ‘industry’ articles aren’t enticing enough to draw new clients to you. Worse, they aren’t even getting read anymore.

You need to allow your teams to stand out as individuals but within the boundaries of your corporation. Representing your brand, your message and your business in a way that complies with everything it needs to while still showing personality and attracting new clients.

This isn’t a one size fits all. It’s time to take advantage of the quirks, skills and personalities your team has and use it to enhance your brand online. Oh, and get more clients!

The Solution

There’s a reason small businesses and individuals are thriving on social media. They lead with personality. People still buy people and on social media that is key.

Get Savvy Club’s Corporate Clinics mix the power of the individual with conforming to a corporate brand resulting in arming your field sales team with the skills to attract new clients.

The genius is in the method we share with your teams which allow them to stand out online while staying within your corporate guidelines. It’s like having an army out there representing, promoting and supporting your company.

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How does it work?

  • We start with you
    Step 1

    We start with you.

    We build your guidelines, regulatory conditions and brand into our training to ensure there is no risk to your reputation.

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  • We train your sales teams
    Step 2

    We train your sales teams.

    We show them exactly how to set up their social media platforms to comply with your company but also to create profiles that work as sales pages, appear in more searches, and attract clients. We show them who to connect to and how (including little known tricks to make this easy and way more successful) because the bigger the audience each team member is connected to, the wider their reach. And the more success they will have.

    We then go on to train each member on content. What to put out to attract clients, how to use posts to create know, like and trust and, most importantly, how to monetise posting and get new clients.

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  • Fortnightly drop-in clinics
    Step 3

    Fortnightly drop-in clinics.

    We will hold fortnightly drop-in clinics to ensure this is successful. Here we will review activity and results and tweak until all your team have a proven, simple system they are using that is generating the required number of new clients each week.

    We have found in the past that just showing teams what to do doesn’t necessarily result in success, so we introduced these drop-in clinics to counter that! By reviewing online activity and keeping social media high on the agenda, we can ensure momentum and the results are far more successful.

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