About Anna & Anita

Anita & Anna are the Get Savvy Club, juggling running a successful business as well as finding time for ourselves (v important!) and being Mums. We have, between us, probably fallen into all the pitfalls of life or at least hit every bump on the road. Divorce, redundancy, multiple miscarriage, post-natal depression, bereavement, court, bankruptcy and being ripped off – we are shining examples that anyone can be successful and more importantly, be happy.

And we want to show you how to do this too.

About Anita Baldwin

About Anita

Anita – I spent 25 years in marketing at a senior corporate level and was very successful. On paper. In real life I felt restless, lonely and unhappy.

I took the decision to become self-employed in 2018 and was horrified to find out that after decades in Marketing (and 2 post graduate diplomas in strategic and digital marketing) I struggled to market myself. Whaaaaaaaaat????

I was scared to get visible. Talking about how good I was at my job made me cringe and I had serious imposter syndrome.

I went to local networking meetings and got some awesome local businesses as clients who I loved helping with their marketing but there was no security. I knew I didn’t want to still be hawking my trade round local networking in 20 years, picking up clients on an ad hoc basis and not making consistent good money.

I wanted my self-employment to give me more money, more flexibility and more freedom and I felt like the opposite was true.

Cue finding someone I (vaguely) knew who was rocking it online and suggesting a cuppa. Anna was everything I needed to be in terms of visibility, and it was time to get clients coming to me.

About Anna Geary

About Anna

Anna – I have probably done 75% of jobs out there! We had no money when I grew up, so I’ve felt from a young age that if I wanted something, I was on my own getting it.

This attitude served me well though and I made a lot of money working in various sales jobs. I ended up in Recruitment which I did for 17 years, eventually running my own business. It didn’t fulfill me though because I was placing people in jobs that I would have hated doing myself!

Alongside this I had various side hustles. A chocolate fountain company, network marketing, property sourcing and offering LinkedIn training courses. Social media was the common thing running through all this because I am the kind of person who pushes a new button to see how it works making me an early adopter without really meaning to be one!

I was awesome at social media and had a big audience but I wasn’t making anywhere near the money I wanted to – there was something missing.

Helping Anita made me realise ‘my one thing’. I love the power and reach of social media and how easy it can make starting a business and making money. I knew this was my passion and that I needed to go all in on it and get serious.

Which is why we created Get Savvy Club – at a kitchen table!

Get Savvy Club is for people who feel like they can achieve more (but don’t really know how). It’s time to stop putting it off until you are thinner, your kids are older, you are more confident – whatever you are telling yourself.

Your time is now and we are here to make it easy for you.

Our mission is to help every woman out there who is awesome at what she does but struggles to get visible. Whether that’s because she doesn’t know how to use social media to attract clients and either faffs too much or doesn’t do it enough or because she too struggles with confidence and imposter syndrome. Or even because she is too busy putting everyone else first to find the time.

It’s time to get selfish. To get out there and to make more money.

To do that you have to master social media and selling and the key to both of these is confidence.

We work with amazing women who offer phenomenal services to help others. We show them our easy, proven social media method and give them the skills to attract new clients and be awesome at selling , even at high ticket prices.

We do all this by giving them the confidence they need to get visible, to get seen and to get new clients. It’s like a superpower once you have it!!

These awesome ladies want to help more clients and in doing so they will make a whole heap of money. That money will give them the flexibility to support their family, help others and do good – or just buy better handbags!!

By empowering women to be successful, independent and know exactly how to make as much money as they want easily, we will change the world.

We don’t want much, do we???!!!

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