About Us

We did it and so can you!

The Get Savvy Club is a thriving business offering online programs, building engaged communities, running challenges and working with individuals, small businesses and corporates.

We are proud to have achieved this based on a motto of ‘Let it be easy’ and raising children whilst divorced, running homes and still living life!

Being successful doesn’t have to take up all of your time and we are living proof of that.  Success came when we joined forces and realised that we needed to focus on ONE THING.

Previously Anita had spent 25 years working in strategic marketing roles for various corporates and Anna had run successful recruitment agencies, worked in property and actually had loads of other businesses over the years but neither of us had ever been clear on our vision.

Life got in the way probably what with having children, divorce and being single parents.  Sometimes it’s difficult to sit back and work out what to do which is why it took until we decided to work together to really find success.

We created the Get Savvy Club, cleared all of the previous things we had done out of the way and agreed that we will focus on helping businesspeople to use social media to attract new clients – OUR ONE THING.

We can almost hear you saying, ‘that’s ok for you but choosing one thing won’t work for me and my business.’

Well, we didn’t think that was true for us either and actually it was a difficult to do it. But we have learned that drilling down on one thing and helping literally hundreds of other businesses to do the same is the fastest route to success. Bar none!

No matter how hard you work in your business, until you are clear on who you serve and where you most add value you will never have the kind growth and business success that you dream about.

We are both straight talkers who find it easy to cut through the crap and focus on the goal.  We do this for our clients too – we won’t stop until you are achieving the success you are looking for!

Our motto is ‘Let it be easy’ which is how we live and what we achieve for our clients.  We don’t spend hours every day on social media, in fact we don’t even work all day every day!  We believe in earning more money for less time which is what we show our clients how to do.

This is not woo woo.  We have a step by step method to success that we use and teach to our clients.  We have grown our business organically through this method and taught it to literally hundreds of other businesses along the way.

It works.  Here’s what some of our clients say.